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TJ Stallings’ Fishing Blog

One of the world’s leading experts on fishing-tackle design, T.J. Stallings acquired a deep interest in sportfishing while working as a youngster in Tim’s Tackle Box, a popular hangout for Florida anglers his father established in 1971 to sell jigs he designed and made himself. Before he was a teenager, T.J. was tying jigs, building custom rods and studying fish behavior. His in-depth knowledge of fishing led to positions with big-name tackle companies such as Shimano, Bass-Assassin and Hildebrandt. He currently works as Director of Marketing for TTI Blakemore Fishing Group, which utilized his concepts for Daiichi Bleeding Bait,  hooks. Stallings is also the co-founder of Crappie NOW Magazine. He and wife Doreen have three beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. T.J. still studies photography, biology and the mystery of the band Metallica.


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