Slab Slobber

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Slab Slobber

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A crappie is more particular about what it eats than any other fish in the world!  I’m amazed by how you can put identical baits in front of them,  and they’ll hit one and not the other. What makes the difference? Scent!  That led me to start experimenting with different scents, testing which ones made them active. I have a 2 acre lake at my home, so I started testing everyday; from pre spawn through the post spawn, I observed their action in the clear water of my lake and there are some interesting things I discovered:  Crappie will compete to be the first to the bait, but they may not swallow it instantly.  They inhale the water that contains the bait, and “taste it” to see if it is food. They will either swallow or spit it out and do it faster than the blink of an eye!  This explains why we only have a split second after feeling a strike to set the hook! So after much research I created this new attractant and I named it Slab Slobber! It is made from the oil of real threadfin shad, and contains two secret ingredients that mask human odor. This is just not another fish attractant!  Slabslobber has an ingrediant that triggers more strikes!  I encourage you to test my product for yourself by rigging half your rods with SlabSlobber and see which poles catch more fish! I guarantee the ones with Slab Slobber will average more and bigger fish…I know because I’ve tested it in this manner for hundreds and hundreds of times!

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  1. I’m one of the many anglers using this product my name is Roderick from the Southern IL area it’s a difference maker in how the crappie holds on to any bait being used they don’t let go, that includes bluegill and Bass what a difference in strikes.

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