MossBack Rack

Crappie/Fish Attractor, Crappie Structure

MossBack Rack

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MossBack Rack

The MOSSBACK FISH RACK™ is a 5′ x 5′ long-lasting structure with approx. 6,945 sq. in. of surface area resembling the look and feel of natural cover while providing great habitat for baitfish and all types of game fish. Algae growth occurs quickly due to the realistic bark like texture of the Fish Rack. This product not only gives you virtually undetected favorite fishing spots, but it also provides the opportunity for different placement configurations. Extreme ease of assembly allows you to quickly hang from your dock or place in your favorite lake or pond. You will enjoy greater fishing time and less frustration which can be associated with placing natural cover.

We at King Outdoor Enterprises have created the products to make each type of fisherman more successful in creating their own go to spots. With the creation of the MossBack Fish Rack a whole new world of fishing structure is at your disposal. Enjoy our web site as our products are featured before you in real life fishing situations as they are being used today with great success by fishermen just like you. Mossback rack.


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