Jiffy Ice Drills

The conception of a power ice drill, for ice fishing, began in 1948 with a fellow Plymouth Wisconsin Fire Department member of Marvin Feldmann's, who loved to ice fish...

Jiffy Ice Drills

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Brief History of Feldmann Engineering & Mfg. Co. Inc.Feldmann Engineering & Mfg. Co. Inc. started in 1947 in a cheese factory building near Plymouth, Wisconsin, by Marvin H. Feldmann as a proprietorship. The business was incorporated in 1968.

Products produced during the course of its existence included the running gear of farm wagons, farm bale elevators, rotary garden tiller, and snowmobiles. The originated, developed and sold all terrain vehicle, known as the Terra Tiger, an all terrain cycle followed. A power ice drill was developed in 1951 and continues today as a principal product for the company. The company has become the world leader in the manufacture and sale of its Jiffy Ice Drills. Other products include lawn aerators, which is rapidly gaining in popularity due to the general awareness of the environmental benefit and beauty of healthy turf, plus a portable fencing and shrub and tree planting auger.

Other products built during the course of the company’s history included transmission for the home washing machine, transmission for the soft serve ice cream machines, along with go-carts, hydraulic tiller gear cases, and hand ice drills.

One early product was an automatic twine typing attachment for the Case hay baler. This attachment was sold to the Case Company in Racine, Wisconsin. The Case Company sold 113,000 of these attachments for the farmer in the first two years. This twin attachment was the fore-runner of the automatic hay and straw balers currently in production.

Feldmann Engineering & Mfg. Co. Inc. continues in business as a small family owned business.



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