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Hook Set Tackle manufactures and stocks some of the finest spoons, lead heads and soft plastic baits on the market. Hook Set Tackle is a family owned and operated business. Terri and Sam Kershaw along with their kids strive to make the best products for the Crappie, Walleye, Wiper, and White Bass fisherman. Sam grew up with a fishing pole in his hand. Sam’s father, Sam Sr. being a Cajun made sure his sons loved to fish and hunt. Great Cajun dishes made with fish and ducks were a mainstay for the dinner table. As a young boy Sam started making jigheads and tying Crappie jigs. You could buy marabou and save a lot of money by tying your own jigs and selling a few to fishing buddies which helped pay for gas so he could fish as much as possible. Crappie, Walleye, Bluegill, and Catfish were his main targets. The love of building and fishing with jigs, lures, and spoons made by hand are what drives the business today.

Fishing has changed a lot since the 70’s. Plastic skirts have all but replaced the marabou jig. The ease of tying a lead head on and changing colors quickly to find the right combo that Crappie are hitting makes the plastic skirts the choice of most Crappie and Walleye fisherman today. We sell and use the same tube jigs we have used for years, the Super Jig soft plastic bodies have caught thousands of Crappie across the nation. Spoons for White Bass and Wipers can really fill your live well and Hook Set Tackle manufactures some of the finest. Always trying to find a better jighead has lead Hook Set Tackle to design and manufacture a lead head we named the Cobra Head Jig. The unique design of the Cobra Head Jig lets it be fished with a lot of different presentations. Whether fished suspended, trolled or bouncing the bottom fish can’t seem to resist it. When fished with your favorite soft plastic bait or live bait the Cobra Head Jig is a winning combination. Hook Set Tackle also manufactures a variety of spoons for the White Bass and Wiper fisherman. Our Shad Slab Wobble Spoon closely mimics the shad that schooling fish feed on. The larger size of the shad slab spoon with its silver side gives this spoon extra flash. The Dart Devil Spoons are also a great bait for Crappie when fished over structure or when casted. We continuously manufacture and add new products to our site so we can provide the best products at a fair price. We are proud to be able to say “MADE IN THE USA”!

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Terri, Sam, Hunter, Brittany and Mercedes Kershaw

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