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FISHWAGON is a family owned pond stocking business specializing in the delivery of freshwater fingerlings, minnows, grass carp and koi to customers ranging from small back yard pond owners to owners and managers of large commercial / recreational lakes. At the core of our business model is the desire to provide a quality product at a fair price with complete service after the sale. Our office staff and aquatic consultants are driven to assist you in goals ranging from a recreational panfish pond to a trophy bass lake.

From the time your fish are loaded at the hatchery until they’re delivered to your pond, the utmost in care is taken to ensure that the fish arrive at their destination in excellent condition. Your fish are transported in insulated “live haul” fiberglass tanks in which both the oxygen content and water temperature are carefully monitored and maintained to specifically suit each species.

Everything that we sell is backed by a full replacement guarantee. If you experience the loss of any species purchased from FISHWAGON during the first 30 days, we will replace your fish the next time we’re in your area at no cost to you.



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