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IMGP0895The idea of the E-Z Mount Universal Umbrella Mount was born when a friend of mine showed me the new umbrella holder he had installed on his boat for our upcoming fishing trip.  He boasted that he had found a solution to the blazing heat that can wilt even the stoutest fisherman.  The design of his umbrella holder allowed the umbrella to rotate 360 degrees but the lower end rested on the deck of the boat and his seats were not the same kind as mine.

This idea had potential but it was not universal.  It would not fit my boat or any seat like mine which is mounted on a rectangular box instead of a pedestal.  The way the umbrella rested on the bottom of the boat was also a problem.  With all the obstacles in the bottom of a typical fishing boat it would always be in the way.  The umbrella holder needed to rotate 360 degrees independently of the seat to provide protection from the sun regardless of the boat position.

Determined to find a better solution, I researched, measured, created templates and remeasured until I had a cardboard pattern that had potential.  After many hours of work and several prototypes, I had built a working umbrella holder to fit my stick steering boat with box seats.  It rotated 360 degrees on the same horizontal plane as the seat, it was off the deck, out of the way and stayed in the desired position. The new mount securely held golf or beach umbrellas, and it kept them from rotating or blowing away, despite the weather conditions. Wow! I knew this holder was going to work!

I realized that if I could create an umbrella holder for my stick steering boat, then I could create one for most boats. So I constructed an adapter kit not only to fit a box mounted seat, but also most pedestal seats that have a standard four bolt mounting plate, whether it is a three degree tilt plate or a six degree tilt plate.

I am very thankful for my family and friends who encouraged me to patent the E-Z Mount Universal Umbrella Mount, and to begin to manufacture and sell it for other fishermen to enjoy.  I am especially indebted to my three sons, one a mechanical engineer, the second a computer engineer and the third an attorney, for their help with the design process, the marketing and legal advice required to create the Umbrella E-Z Mount.

If you love to fish, you have to have one on your fishing boat!  If you want a friend to fish with you better get two!


Leon Woodall

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