Cumberland Crappie Rod Holders

Rod Holders

Cumberland Crappie Rod Holders

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Cumberland Crappie 540 190 Finished

It doesn’t matter if you tight line or troll, own a jon boat, bass boat or pontoon, Cumberland Crappie has a rod holder for you, your boat and your style of fishing. T-bars are available in 2, 3, or 4 rod and come in 3 common heights—or an adjustable T-bar (17-24” tall) if you’re unsure of what height you need or want to use them on different boats or locations. All T-bars have quick detachable bases and come with a mounting plate to install in your boat. Additional mounting plates can be positioned in various locations in the boat or in another boat. The entire T-bar system can be relocated in minutes.

Cumberland Crappie double seat mounts allow you to stay on the sweet spot with your tournament partner or to take a kid fishing and share the fun. Both types quickly drop into your existing seat base. The “adjust-double” seat mount can be pivoted from 90-180 degrees so you and your partner can be perfectly positioned within reach of your rods and still gain access to your rod lockers if you need too.

Too hot to crappie fish? Try a Cumberland Crappie umbrella holder and fish in the shade! Umbrella holders can be mounted almost anywhere in the boat using the same mounting plate as the rod holders and will hold any standard patio or picnic table umbrella. This is just one of the specialty products offered by Cumberland Crappie to make your time on the water more comfortable and let you stay on the fish longer. Some other unique products available are net holders, rod transport racks and an elevated minnow bucket holder.

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Rod Holders

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