How to Crappie Fish

How to Crappie Fish

Crappie Fishing 101

Crappie fishing is a great activity for all ages. From youth to the elderly it helps to get people outdoors and active. While at the same time, rewarding to the Crappie Angler, unlike fishing for other species that require one to wait a while to catch one fish. It can also be done on a shoe string budget.

How to Crappie Fish – Crappie fishing can be inexpensive if you choose to go that route. Anyone can catch Crappie on a long stick with any length of fishing line attached along with a hook. To easily catch Crappie a plastic tube or simple live bait can be attached to the hook. Above the hook attach a sinker and depending on your depth you decide to fish attach a bobber above the sinker. Simply flip the stick or rod forward and allow the line to swing, extend and finally flop into the water. Now your Crappie Fishing.

How to Crappie Fish Bobber Minnow border 400

“A simple pole/stick, a short piece of Fishing Line, a Bobber, a Sinker, Hook and Minnow and your ready to Crappie Fish”.

Many Crappie Anglers, once they spend any amount of time fishing for Crappie, begin to slowly upgrade their gear and tackle. Which is fine but don’t go overboard with spending a lot of money at first. Experiment with what works for you. Once you have found gear or tackle that works then add it to your arsenal.

Live bait is a popular choice when fishing for Crappie. Minnows would have to be the most widely used live bait. Followed closely by wax worms. Although that will vary according to each anglers preference. Night Crawlers are also a great past time favorite. With minnows, simple thread the hook through the bottom lip of the minnow so it comes out just above the top of the lip. Now your ready to fish. Others prefer to hook the minnow just behind the top dorsal fin. Both ways will catch Crappie.

Learning how to Crappie fish is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It is a sport that many families can do together. It is also a great way to pass down fun and happiness to future generations. “Learning how to Crappie fish” was the best thing my family ever pass down to me. Hopefully it will be yours too.

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