Forget Not The Basics For Crappie

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  • January 25, 2016 8:22 am
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Forget Not The Basics For Crappie

Crappie Anglers, who have fished for some time, know how to catch Crappie. But what about those days Crappie are hard to catch? This is where we, Forget Not The Basics!

Crappie are just like you and I when it comes to the basics in life. Food, Shelter and Comfort.

Food. One of the first tasks of your daily routine, is to simply feed yourself. Without food we become hungry, sick then die. Crappie are of the same course of nature. They too must feed to survive. This is a simple act of finding food that can sustain their appetites and make them grow healthy and strong. We as anglers must study each waterway we fish, determine the food sources and prioritize them in order of importance to Crappie. Food is the number one influence on Crappie and their location. If you find what food source Crappie on that waterway are feeding on, Crappie in good numbers will not be far away.

Shelter. When we think of shelter for a person we think of a home or an apartment and the location. The old saying goes, “Home Sweet Home”. For Crappie it can be as simple as a bridge pylon that blocks current, or a natural tree laying in the water, on the edge of a steep bank. We as a Crappie Angler must determine the importance of each structure and how fish relate to that structure.

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“Forget Not The Basics For Crappie, Food, Shelter and Comfort.”


Comfort. Image standing out in 40 degree temperatures in the pouring rain. Not very comforting. Just as we seek warmer  more comfortable conditions, Crappie will do the same. Many days 1-2 degrees in water temperature can determine location of Crappie for the morning, day or night. Be mindful to changing water temperatures in all locations you decide to fish. During a sunny day, you may find Crappie just below the surface, close to a bridge pylon that is in plain site of the sun. The concrete will conduct heat from the sun and will help to warm the water. This will then concentrate Crappie in good numbers. Comfort, in the form of a few degrees in water temperature.

When targeting Crappie for fun or the dinner table you must remember 3 important factors. Food, Shelter and Comfort. Find all three of these basics for Crappie and you will be setting the hook in no time.

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