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  • October 12, 2017 11:52 am
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Fishing for Crappie in the Fall can fun and rewarding. Many Anglers have traded their fishing poles for compound bows and headed into the woods. Leaving you with numerous fishing spots that are receiving little or no fishing pressure at all.

Where do I find Crappie in the Fall? Find BAITFISH! The key to Fall fishing is to find baitfish and Crappie will be nearby. This time of year baitfish are feeding heavily in preparation for the colder months ahead. Crappie are doing the same, feeding on baitfish throughout a river, lake or reservoir. Baitfish will show on depth/fish finders as big schools or large dark masses. Once you have located a school such as this, look for fish underneath or beside the school of baitfish. These fish will be Crappie, Bass and other species of fish.  Its important to be as quite as possible when locating these schools. Try shutting off the outboard motor and using your trolling motor in high speed to locate schools of baitfish. This tactic will help you zero in on the school and it also gives you an accurate depiction of the school and the fish located around the school. 

“Brush can hold schools of baitfish in the Fall, Crappie will be nearby.”

Live bait is hard to beat in the Fall. But, the hassle of keeping your bait live and healthy can be a burden. Not to mention your at the mercy of your local tackle shop on the size of your live bait. With that being said, Plastics are great for Crappie in the Fall. You can use various sizes and colors to zero in on the hot bait for the day. One of our favorite Fall plastics for Crappie is the Beaver Bottom Bait from Redneck Rubber Co. The Beaver Bottom Bait has a larger profile than most Crappie Plastics. They are 2 inches long and are Shad infused! There is nothing like dropping a bait into a school of shad that smells and tastes like a shad. Fish ON!

“A great Fall bait, Beaver Bottom Baits have a 2″ large profile and are shad infused.”

Another key to Fall Crappie fishing is to keep moving. Schools of shad can move hundreds of feet each day. Mostly in relation to the Suns movement throughout the day. If you stay in one spot you will limit your chances of success. Follow the school of baitfish, switch up your tactics, vary retrieve speeds and techniques, stay versatile. 

Fishing pressure is low, Crappie are feeding and your ready to catch them. There is no reason not to fish for Crappie in the Fall. Many days you can take your limit and be home before lunch time… maybe have Crappie for lunch!

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