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20 Questions with a Crappie Pro

Brad Chappell


 Crappie Pro Brad Chappell
Name: Brad Chappell
Hometown: Ridgeland, Ms.
Years Pro: 6
Tournament Partner: Bo Hudson
Home Lake: Ross Barnett Reservoir
Favorite Lake: Grenada & Lake Washington
Boat & Outboard: Ranger 690 Johnson Tiller

Sponsors: Bobby Garland Baits , K2 Coolers, Mossback Fish Racks and Hi-Tek Rod Holders

Accomplishments/Awards: Magnolia Crappie Club Points Champions 2009-2010, Magnolia Crappie Club State Champions 2010, Largest 7 fish weight in Magnolia Crappie History 22 years 19.42Lbs.



10 Questions Non-Crappie Fishing Related:

1. What is your favorite hobby/activity other than Crappie Fishing? Deer hunting and hand grabbing catfish

2. What is your favorite food? Steak and Fried Crappie.

3. What is your favorite T.V. Show? First 48.

4. Name your favorite vacation getaway and why? Lake Washington, it’s a beautiful lake that in the middle of the Miss. Delta with great crappie fishing.

Brad Chappell Bo Hudson

“Crappie Pros Brad Chappell & Bo Hudson”

5. When you were a child, what did you have dreams of becoming for a profession as an adult? NO dream of a profession, I just wanted to catch fish.

6. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names? Yes, dog Miniature Schnauzer named Jesse .

7. Name for us the most influential person in your life, past or present and why? My Mother She was a very caring  person and taught me about being a good person. She also loved to fish.

8. What is your favorite childhood memory? Too many.

9. Are you a morning person or night person? Morning I to hate sleeping late.

10. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done? Raising my two boys Hunter and Austin.


10 Crappie Fishing Related Questions:

1. What is your favorite Crappie Fishing Technique and why? Long Line Trolling. It’s a fast way to learn a body of water and catch a ton of fish.

 2. When a cold front comes in, tell us what adjustments you make to successfully catch Crappie. I take some time with my Lowrance HDS Side Scan.  Look for deep cover like brush piles feed them meat(minnows). I will then Spider rig over the top of the cover then into the brush pile. Slow down wait on the fish if you know they are in the cover. Down size you minnows size helps sometimes as well.

 3. What is your go-to lure or bait and why? (favorite lure) Bobby Garland Stroll’R  Vegas is my favorite color as well. They make the best colors that crappie love to eat.  It gives off a ton of vibration with the action of the tail.  We use it to Long Line or Power Troll (Spider Rig)

Brad Chappell & Bo Hudson

“Largest 7 fish by Weight in Magnolia Crappie Club’s 22 Year History – 19.42Lbs”

 4. How do you approach a new body of water that you have never fished before? Well I start out at the local bait shop. It’s a great starting place!! Then I like to study any type of map that might be available.  I usually start out long line trolling and side scanning to locate schools of bait-fish and brush piles. With the new Electronics like Lowrance’s  Hds Fishfinders you can find the fish fairly quick.

 5. Please name for us your favorite time of year (season) to Crappie Fish and why? Early Spring Late Feb./March  You can located the big females staging up before they lay their eggs.

 6. Name the most important tool/equipment in your boat or tackle that you could not fish without. My Lowrance HDS 12 Touch

 7. How do you locate tournament winning fish? Locate fish that don’t have fishing pressure from the community fishing holes.  Don’t catch them all pre-fishing the lake.

 8. Please name the gear you fish with; (Poles, Reels, Line, Electronics, etc.)   Lowrance HDS 12 Touch BnM Roger Gant 9’ Poles to Long Line with BnM 14’ jig poles to spiger rig with.

 9. We often hear that bigger is better when targeting Big Crappie. Do you feel this approach holds true? Yes I love to catch the big ones.

 10. To date, what is your proudest moment in your Crappie Fishing Career? Catching 7 Crappie that weighed 19.42lbs. and winning the points and state championship in one year. Magnolia Crappie club.

I would like to Thank Bobby Garland Baits, K2 Coolers, MossBack Fish Racks, Hi-Tek and Lowrance.  These companies make the best fishing equipment that helps me put Fish in the boat.

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Please visit and “LIKE” Brad Chappell’s Facebook page, “ Brad Chappell Guide Service”.

Brad is a proud Member of the Magnolia Crappie Club. Please visit their website for great information on tournaments in the southern region.

Thank you,
Crappie Pro Brad Chappell


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  1. user 10 Slab says:
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    Thanks Brad! You Crappie Pros know how to find them. Thanks for sharing information.

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