Crappie Club And Trail Endorsement Program

Crappie Club And Trail Endorsement Program

We all know without Crappie Anglers our tournaments, websites and products are useless. We here at Crappie Crazy have created a reciprocating endorsement program for Clubs and Tournament Trails to help you reach more Crappie Anglers. Our program consists of us advertising you and your club in return we ask you to do the same. 

We will be leveraging the 150,000+ Crappie Anglers we have in our network to bring attention to your club and encourage more Crappie Anglers to compete on a local level. As they advance and become familiar with tournaments we encourage them to fish locally and travel Nationally to fish as well. Here is how it works.

We offer to feature your Club or Trail in our Crappie Business Directory. You can provide the information you would like to be seen in your listing and update the information yourself or we can assist you. We will publish Press Releases, News, Tournament Schedules and Tournament Results provided by your Club or Trail, on and encourage our Social Media Followers to join the Club or Tournament. This includes banner advertising on our website and occasionally we will share important information on our Social Media pages. If this offer was to be purchased for 1 year it would cost well over $1,500.00! 

What do we ask (reciprocate) in return? To receive the highest sponsorship level you have available in the Club or Tournament Trail. This includes being listed on tournament banners, literature and Club or Trail website at that sponsorship level.

It’s a simple way to increase Club Membership and Tournament Trail entrants. Leverage our numbers and work with us!

For more information contact us at or call Scott at 513-221-9150


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