Big MaMa Open With Several 3 Plus Pound Crappie

Magnolia Crappie Club Spring 2014 Big MaMa Open

625 Matt Baker & Kenyon Huggins 3 31 Big Mama 1st Place

“Matt Baker and Kenyon Huggins won the MCC Spring Big Mama Open with a 3.31 lb. slab.”

magnoliacrappieclubMatt & Kenyon fished within eyesight of me all day. They worked a flat in front of Carver Point for a half day Friday, and all day on Saturday. I saw them net the big fish around 10am. I could tell it was a good fish from nearly 100 yards away. They finished 7th overall. This is only the 3rd MCC event I’ve seen Kenyon or Matt fish. Don’t know whether to call it Beginners Luck, nope, these guys are excellent fishermen. I watch them fish on Friday. They approach tournament fishing as serious as any of us. Hey guys you are good and working on great. In the words of Paul Johnson, “Glad to have ya, y’all come back you here.”
I know of two teams that caught multiple 3 pounders, Terry Stewart & Larry Holmes had 2 fish over 3 pounds and a 2.99#er. Hugh Krutz & Steve Stevenson had 2 fish over 3’#s and another over 2.9#’s. I say again nothing was wrong with the scales. Most of our teams carry quality scales in their boat. They weigh their fish in the parking lot. They know what their fish will weigh before they get to the scales. Most of the teams knew they had heavy sacks.
MCC invested in a scale system and software at the beginning of the 2012 / 2013 season. We got sick of the grumbling about the scales not being certified. We purchased the same scales system used by the professional Bass & Crappie Tournament Trails. On top of that we have a weight that’s certified to a one-hundredth of a pound. We use it to calibrate our scales each time we start our weigh-in process. Now we have no questions or qualms about the scales not weighing correctly.
As I stated earlier, we weighed 242 fish. We had 14 that were taken for mounts, we lost 11 fish and returned 210 fish to the lake. We gotta protect the Crappie species if we want these kind of weigh-ins to continue. Nobody needs to eat a 3# fish. We need to keep those genes. Way to go MCC and Corp Volunteers. We thank you for the hospitality shown at the weigh-in with the McAllister’s Tea and taking care of our members. You guys and gals are a class act. We love coming to Grenada, we’ll be back in the fall. At the moment we don’t know the exact date but it will be in early October. Should be almost as good and the fish should be almost as big.  Author: Bernard Williams

Big Fish Results MCC Grenada 625

“Several Crappie tipped the scales over 3 pounds!”


Magnolia Crappie Club Grenada Lake Tournament

400 Austin McDaniels and Sammy Hill with a 7fish limit weighing 18 98 1st Place Tournament

“Grenada Lake MCC Winners Austin McDaniels & Sammy Hill with a 7-fish limit weighing 18.98. Their Big Fish was 3.24 lbs.”

Is it something in the water at Grenada that makes the fish grow so big or what? Year after year the fish seem to get bigger and bigger. Where is the stopping point. I know it’s fish in this lake that would push 5#’s or better, guess the word has spread. Seems everyone knows it and that’s why you see more out-of-state tags in the parking lot than in-state.
Sammy Hill & Austin McDaniels pulled out about the same time my partner and I did, we all started getting our fish ready for weigh-in. I glanced over at their boat and man, “You gotta be kidding”, they were culling fish bigger that I had. Only a couple drops of water from having 19#’s. That’s not a misprint, I said 19 pounds, and they weren’t the only ones that caught huge fish.
Monty Blount & Keith Sullivan had 7 fish that would have made anybody happy. Bringing 18.80#’s to the scales. Terry Steward & Larry Holmes were right behind with 18.78#’s. Roger & Katie Womack were next with 18.53#’s. Shelton Culpepper & David Thornton came in 5th with 18.30#’s.
If you didn’t have 18#’s you didn’t make the top-10. If you didn’t have 17#’s you didn’t get a check at 15th place. At first I thought the scales were off, we recalibrated them two times to make sure. It was no fluke, these were monster crappie. That’s one of the reasons Grenada stands at the top of the list of best crappie destinations in the world.
I talked to veteran MCC member A.E. Smith Friday morning at Lakeway Bait Shop for a few minutes. He told me he had a rookie that he was training, Ronnie Capps, 7 Times National Champion. Saw him again at the weigh-in, I asked him how the rookie worked out, he said, “You give me bout a week and I’ll make a fisherman out of him.” That’s right we had Ronnie Capps fish the Grenada Tournament as a MCC Member. They did pretty good coming in with 17.25#’s to finish 14th. Not too shabby if you ask me.
We weighed 242 fish for a total weight of 568#’s. The average fish weight was 2.35#’s. We weighed 13 fish that weighed 3#’s or better. Where else can you find those numbers, let me know, I’ll move there. Author: Bernard Williams

625 Top 20 MCC March Grenada Tournament

“Magnolia Crappie Club Grenada Lake Tournament Top 20 Teams.”

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