Transducer Shield and Saver

Transducer Saver, Transducer Shield

Transducer Shield and Saver

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Scap Cicero spent the first 22 years of his career as an electrician in regions including Italy, Zambia and Zimbabwe. He visited the United States in 1980 to fish a B.A.S.S. Federation tournament, establishing the first team from Zimbabwe to compete in an American tournament of this type. He enjoyed the experience and returned for several more tournaments – catching plenty of fish, along with motivation and passion for the ‘American Dream’. He moved his wife Shirley and two children Giancarlo and Loredana to the U.S. to pursue entrepreneurship in 1984. Settling in Alabama, surrounded by lakes and a healthy bass fishing industry, he spent the next 22 years at the helm of his thriving family-owned boat business. An authorized dealer of bass fishing boats, he managed everything from new and used boat sales, storage, parts, servicing and accessories for all major boat and engine lines. His reputation for attention to detail and superior customer service led him to be one of the top ten boat sales and servicing centers in the Southeast.

After transitioning out of the boat business in 2004, the new company “Product Innovations, Inc” was formed so that Scap, with the help of his wife Shirley, could continue to invent and develop products to enhance and improve the avid fisherman’s experience. He first invented the Transducer Shield & Saver® in the mid-90s and pursued the opportunity to acquire a Patent, engineer and manufactured the product for market.

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