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Orca Coolers

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The idea of being able to offer hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts premium outdoor products made in the United States using American-made components at a competitive price prompted two lifelong outdoorsmen to create the Outdoor Recreation Company of America.

Jim Ford and Cliff Walker, both veterans of the building and trades industry and both hardcore hunters and anglers, decided to use their business acumen, their passions for the outdoors and their sense of pride in America to create a company that could produce what they couldn’t seem to find – at any price – high-end outdoor products made in the USA that performed as advertised. While it might seem hokey to some, the two also wanted to find a way to put Americans back to work, and having ORCA products made in the USA was a way to do just that.

The company’s first product was a cooler designed to withstand the rigors of rugged outdoor use by professional and novice alike and to perform far beyond the expectations of even the most critical outdoor enthusiast. ORCA coolers, made in America’s heartland, are the successful result.

ORCA, however, isn’t just about selling product. The company recognizes its corporate responsibility and the need to give back to those who have helped make it successful. In that vein, a portion of every ORCA product sold is returned to conservation groups, wounded warrior programs, breast cancer research and women’s outdoor groups.

The company’s other product lines will include a series of dry bags, sunglasses and modular hunting vests – all proudly made in the USA using 100 percent American-made components.




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