Harvest Clean

Hand Cleaner, No Rinse Hand Cleaner

Harvest Clean

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Tested and Highly recommended by CrappieCrazy.com ! Harvest Clean will take the Crappie Slime
and SMELL off of your hands.

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Looking for a product to remove fish smell from hands? No-Rinse Harvest Clean Hand Wash is a one-step, deodorizing, waterless cleanser that is ideal for the Hunter or Fisherman. Use Harvest Clean after catching and cleaning fish to clean, moisturize, and deodorize hands without rinsing. Clean hands before driving home from the lake so your steering wheel doesn’t smell like the day’s catch. After Harvesting and Field Dressing Wild Game, Hunters use Harvest Clean to clean and deodorize hands when rinsing with water is not possible or practical. Harvest Clean’s lanolin moisturizer protects skin from drying out after use and our fragrance helps remove odors left behind by fish and wild game. Our specially formulated pH balanced spray is practical and versatile. Quit going home smelling like the livewell, bait bucket, or animal you harvested. Keep it in your vehicle, backpack, or tackle box. Harvest Clean is an everyday hand cleaner. Purchase your bottle today.

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