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Fish Candy Bait Company

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Fish Candy Bait Company

I make the best hand poured baits out there that you can’t get from anyone else. If you are looking for that special bait then this is your place. I produce baits for all species of Bass, Crappie and Bream. Fish Candy Bait Company is a small custom bait company that you can get baits hand made to stand out from the rest of the pack. By using the best and unusual combination’s of materials we are able to give you the edge over the big boys with our out of the box thinking.

There are no mass produced baits here so you order will be filled on a first come first served basis. Each one is made by me when you place an order. Most of the time I can not start your order until Saturday morning as I have a regular job during the week. Orders usually go out Wednesday morning for delivery on Friday. If you have a rush job let me know but I can’t make any promises.

If you happen to get a picture of our bait in action email the pictures to my photo link and I will feature it on my site with any story you provide. We are also an Eco friendly bait company where and when we can be so I hope you will join us in preserving the future for our children. This web host is powered by 100% wind energy and my power supply is currently 20% wind power. You can also do a live chat with me to discuss bait customization or other questions by clicking the chat link. Contact me to arrange a time.



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