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  • March 11, 2014 6:00 am
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#TBT Throw Back Crappie?

In the new age of Social Media, Thursdays have become Throw Back Thurday. No, not throw your Crappie back, but post or share a photo from the past. On Facebook and Twitter it is common place to see #TBT or #ThrowBackThursday next to these photos. Today we throw back and re-visit a record-setting Crappie.

It was March 19th, 2005 and the Crappie USA Tournament Trail was at Neely Henry Lake in Alabama for its $10,000.00 Super Mega Bucks Event.

Excerpt from Crappie USA March 2005:
“The excitement was in the air this past Saturday at the Crappie USA Neely Henry Lake $10,000.00 Super Mega Bucks Event as Charles Clark of Parrish, AL set a new all time record with a 4.19 pound white crappie. To our knowledge this is the largest crappie ever caught in a professional crappie fishing event, said Crappie USA CEO Darrell VanVactor. Charles Clark, who has fished with Crappie USA since the beginning of the organization plans to have the
Charles Clark of Parrish, AL 4
fish mounted and use to display at some events in the future. My partner Frankie Clark and I were using BnM 14 foot poles along with blue and white Charlie Brewer Sliders when we caught the big fish, said Charles. Hes a strong believer in the Brewer Sliders and the BnM Poles. I had gotten a sample pack of the Charlie Brewer Sliders a few years back at one of the Crappie USA events and it sure made me a believer in them when it comes to catching fish, said Clark. Crappie USA CEO VanVactor said, The crappie was over 18 inches long with a 16 inch girth. In my 20 years of crappie tournaments it is by far the largest crappie I have ever seen.”

Charles Clark and Frankie Clark finished in first place in the amateur division weighing in 13.11 pounds including the record 4.19 pound white crappie. The Clarks received $1,200.00 for first place. The team was fast trolling in 8 feet of water with 14 foot B’n’M poles and blue/white Charlie Brewer Sliders in Canoe Creek.”

#tbt #ThrowBackThursday

For more information about this tournament please visit Crappie USA 


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