Summer Tips For Black And White Crappie

Summer Tips For Black And White Crappie

Summer months can offer great success when fishing for Crappie. The weather and water are mostly stable and Crappie can be found year after year in the same spots.

Brad Summer

“Guide and Tournament Pro, Brad Chappell has mastered the art of longline trolling for Crappie.”

Black Crappie – During the Summer months, Black Crappie can be found hiding under tree lay-downs that have fallen from the bank and extend into the water. The best spots are those with steep banks and with large lay-downs that extend out into the water. Try casting feather jigs, tubes and small curly tails.

White Crappie – During the Summer months, White Crappie can be found suspended along creek channels or on flats. Try long line trolling with jigs or crankbaits. When catching a Crappie be sure to note the amount of line behind the rod, trolling speed and lure used. Then duplicate the setup.

Brad Summer2

“Brad shows how effective long line trolling can be with jigs or crankbaits.”

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