Pro Crappie Tip – Steve Coleman

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  • April 19, 2013 2:57 pm
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Pro Crappie Tip – Steve Coleman

“7 Time National Crappie Champion on how to catch more Crappie”


Steve Coleman fish profileWhen spider rigging or in other words long line trolling from the front of your boat, there may come a time when you need to turn your head to look at something either around the area or in back of the boat. 7 Time National Crappie Champion Steve Coleman says, “When you’re not looking at your rod tips, for whatever reason and you need to turn your head, place both hands on the Rod handles. While your head is turned you can feel the thump and will be able to turn back around and set the hook. Ronnie and I have watched other anglers look for something in the boat, turn their head and then the hit comes. By the time they turn around the Crappie have spit out the lure or they are not able to get a good hook set on the fish.”

Paying attention to details like this simple tip from Steve Coleman will allow you to put more Crappie in the boat. Steve Coleman and his tournament partner Ronnie Capps have made a living paying attention to details. Maybe that is why they have dozens of 1st place finishes and countless top 10 finishes throughout their careers.

Crappie Pro and 7 Time National Crappie Champion Steve Coleman

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