Monteleone Secret Silver Tube

Monteleone Secret Silver Tube

“Crappie Could Not Resist Them”


My friend and mentor Joey Monteleone is a renowned expert fisherman, guide, tournament contender and sought after speaker on the topic of fishing in the mid-south. His fans follow him on “Wild Side Radio”, each weekday morning at 5:25 AM on Nashville’s legendary radio station WSM. He is also a contributor and host of Tennessee’s Wild Side, television program where his segments known as “Reel Tips” help anglers to become better fishermen. Joey and I have built a great friendship through my constant bombardment of questions and his continuance of texting photos of trophy fish to me. I was very excited to learn that there was a new product on the market that carried his namesake, the “Monteleone Secret Silver tube”. Ever watching for innovation I am pleased to share this product with my readers.

“It was 1995, I was at a boat and sports show in Jackson Tennessee and I met Phyllis and Doyle Hudson; they own Midsouth Tackle Company, started in 1978 out of Jonesboro Arkansas. Buried in a rainbow of colors of crappie tubes, which is the cornerstone of their business, was a small bag of tubes, silver in color with a very unusual shine. When I inquired Phyllis responded they were made by accident. I bought them and found that in a range of clear to muddy water, any season of the year, when sunlight hit them they gave off a flash incredibly matches the natural burst of color a minnow in motion gives off. More importantly they caught fish.”

“Crappie could not resist them. Over the last several years crappie have captured my interest. These silver tubes have accounted for thousands of crappie and several dozen over 2 pounds topped by a 3 ½ pound, 19 ½ inch giant. Most people mistake the fish in that old picture for a bass. I fish this little secret on a 1/16 ounce leadhead and four pound test line. This incredible little bait has caught bass, catfish, bluegill, trout, white bass and even a carp.”

“Everything that swims eats minnows; the flash of this bait resembles a minnow more closely than any other soft plastic I’ve thrown. Produced by accident, found by chance, this tube has accounted for so many fish for me that I kept it under wraps. Now we’re ready to release this unbelievable lure to the public. It’s my signature bait and is coming out under the title 0095 Monteleone Silver. It took a bait this special for me to endorse it with my name. Now available to everyone, no serious fisherman should be without them. Also for fans of a bigger bait that catches bass as well as super-size crappie, there’s a Pro tube just a little shy of three inches in the same color. Made in the USA, they catch everything, everywhere. Ask specifically for color 0095 Monteleone Silver.”

Happy Fishing!

You can order yours by calling at 870-935-4914 or on the internet at:

midsouth 175

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