Crappie USA Kentucky/Barkley Lake $10,000 Super Event Results

Crappie USA Kentucky/Barkley Lake $10,000 Super Event Results

This past Friday and Saturday April 18th & 19th Crappie USA held 2-day $10,000.00 super event on the Kentucky & Barkley Lakes at Paris, Tennessee. Nearly 200 anglers from 12 different states were competing for not only the $15,400.00 in cash and prizes, but a chance to advance to the prestigious Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic. This year’s classic will be held October 16th-18th on Lake Cumberland at Somerset, Kentucky. Crappie USA had a guaranteed $10,000.00 payback, but with the number of boats increasing so does the amount of the payback.

1st Semi Pro Freeman - Bridges

1st Place Semi Pro Freeman – Bridges

Semi-Pro Division Results

Taking first place was the team of Jim Freeman of Eddyville, Kentucky and Garrett Bridges of Smithland, Kentucky with a 2-day total weight of 23.6 pounds and earning $3,000.00. Jim and Garrett were fishing the north end of Barkley on manmade and natural cover slow trolling purple/chartreuse Southern Pro jigs 50% of the time and minnows the other 50% of the time. The team was fishing in 24 feet of water targeting stained water to catch 120 fish in the 2 days.

2nd Place Semi Pro Capps - Coleman

2nd Place Semi Pro Capps – Coleman

Second place went to the Tiptonville, Tennessee team of Ronny Capps and Steve Coleman weighing in 23.02 pounds and earning $2,000.00 along with an additional $250.00 for taking the Ranger Cup Award in the semi-pro division. Ronny and Steve were spider rigging in the mouth of Blood River area in 20 feet of water using B’n’M double hook live rigs targeting white crappie in pre-spawn pattern holding to ledges on the edge of current breaks.

3rd Place Semi Pro Muench - Wason

3rd Place Semi Pro Muench – Wason

In third place was the Paris, Tennessee team of Doug Muench and Scott Watson weighing in 22.58 pounds and earning $800.00. Doug and Scott trolled crank baits in Ginger Bay on KY lake over deeper water. Color did not matter as long as it was bright and shiny. The team caught over 100 fish in the 2 days.

Michael Tinsley and Tim Gill of Bowling Green, Kentucky took fourth place in the Semi-Pro Division with a weight of 22.56 pounds and earned $400.00. Michael and Tim were fishing Barkley around hwy 68 bridge in larger bays spider rigged over natural stumps in 8 feet of water using Southern Pro black/chartreuse jigs to catch over 60 fish.

Fifth place went to the team of Terry Elliott of Greenfield, Tennessee and Jeff Elliott of Jackson, Tennessee with a weight of 22.25 pounds and earning $300.00. Terry and Jeff were fishing Big Sandy south of bridge spider rigging over manmade cover using Lake Fork jigs of a various colors to catch over 100 fish.

Amateur Division Results

1st Place Amateur Dowdy - Smith

1st Place Amateur Dowdy – Smith

First place in the amateur division went to the team of Hunter Dowdy of Humboldt, Tennessee and Brent Smith of Gadsden, Tennessee with a weight of 22.5 pounds and earning $1,500.00. Hunter and Brent fished in the Big Sandy area, spider rigging in 14 feet of water using Southern Pro and Garland chartreuse colored jigs to catch 150 fish in 2 days.

Second place went to Leonard Barnett of Owensboro, Kentucky weighing in 21.88 pounds and earning $800.00. Leonard also fished Big Sandy pulling Bomber crank baits in 12 feet of water. Using pearl with black back with light wired Mustad hooks. The light wire Mustads allowed him to retrieve every snagged bait without losing them. He caught 140 fish in the 2 days.

Taking third place was the team of Scott Buchanan of Georgetown, Kentucky and Larry Buchanan of Murray, Kentucky weighing in 21.44 pounds and earning $600.00. Team had to leave before interviews were conducted.

Taking fourth place with 21.33 pounds was the team of Cody England of White Bluff, Tennessee and Brent Williams of Fairview, Tennessee earning $500.00. Cody and Brent were fishing on Kentucky Lake south of the Danville area spider rigging in 8 to 12 feet of water using Southern Pro Lime and Chartreuse jigs tipped with a minnow and caught 60 fish in 2 days.

In fifth place was the team of Tommie Roper of Princeton, New Jersey and Jared Roper of Forrest City, Arkansas with a weight of 19.86 pounds and earning $500.00. Tommie and Jared were fishing around the 68 bridge area of Barkley lake spider rigging in 6-13 feet of water using Southern Pro lime and chartreuse and blue chartreuse jigs on Roper Outdoor Blue Shiner heads to catch 150 fish.

Ancell - Stephens 1st Place Big Fish: 3.02 lbs.

Ancell – Stephens 1st Place Big Fish: 3.02 lbs.

Awards given out at the Weigh in:

* Cumberland Crappie Double Seat Bonus $250 to Steve Ferguson.
* Ranger Cup Semi Pro Bonus of 250 to Ronnie Capps.
* Ranger Cup Amateur of 125.00 to Leonard Barnett.
* Talon shallow water anchor bonus 250.00 to Joe and Janette Carter.
* First Place Big Fish a 3.02 to Dave Ancell and Danny Stephens of Section, Alabama for $700.00. The big fish was caught while slow trolling using a B’ n’ M 16 foot pole to get the baits out further from the boat and not spook the fish in the clear water that seems to be in most of Kentucky Lake at this time.
* Second Place Big Fish to Dean McCoy and Scott Henson Benton Kentucky for $300.00.
* The total Cash Payback was $15,300.00 plus over $2000.00 in product.

Congratulations to all the teams fishing this event. For a complete list of tournament standings and downloadable photos for this event visit then go to Tournament Results.

Crappie USA Free Kids Fishing Rodeo

In conjunction with the tournament Crappie USA held their Kids Rodeo on Saturday morning with several local children attending the event.. All the participants signed up for a chance to win one of 6-$1,000.00 scholarships to be drawn for at the Cabela’s Crappie USA Classic.

Crappie USA and our anglers have contributed nearly $322,000.00 to the “Crappie Kids” Scholarships since 1997. We are very proud to be a part of the education process for the youngsters who participate in our tournaments as adult/youth teams and those who fish in the Crappie USA “Kids Fishing Rodeos”. Special thanks to David Hamilton and the folks with the TRRA group for hosting the event, also to Buchanan Resort for the seminar site and Paris Landing State Resort Park for the weigh in location. This was a unique event is several ways. “This was the first event of this size that every team in the event actually weighed in fish with most teams catching full daily creel limits each day. It was also the first time in 28 years of holding crappie events on Kentucky Lake that the Big Crappie was over 3 pounds with a 3.02 taking the honors. Kentucky and Barkley Lakes are truly at their peak season right now and looks like it will be the best in years!! For more information on the area call: (731) 642-3431 or visit their website at:

Stats for the Tournament:

Weather-Friday it was 70 degrees, light winds and a fantastic day on the water. Unbelievably Saturday was much the same.

National Sponsors of Crappie USA:

Cabela’s, Ranger Boats, Evinrude Outboards , B ‘n’ M Poles, Minn Kota Trolling Motors, Talon Shallow Water Anchors, Mustad Hooks, Humminbird Electronics, Adventure Products EGO Nets, J.R. Mad’s Fish Breading, Charlie Brewer’s Slider Co., Big Bite Baits, TTI-Blakemore Road Runner, Driftmaster Rod Holders, Keep Alive-Oxygen Infusor, Cumberland Crappie (Double Seats), Southern Pro Tackle, Grizzly Coolers, World Fishing Network-WFN, GAMMA LINE, Stubby Steve’s Baits, Church Tackle Planner Boards, Crappie Now Online Magazine, RIGRAP and Smooth Move Seats.

For more information please visit Crappie USA


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