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  • March 31, 2014 8:24 am
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A Unforgetable Day

Jay Don and Rhonda Reeve’s Record Weigh In!

March 22nd 2014 will long be remembered by Jay Don and Rhonda Reeve. It’s a day that everything came together for the Reeve’s. Even after days pass by, you can still hear the pure excitement and joy flowing out of Jay Don and Rhonda’s voices. After weighing in 20.54 lbs (a single day record) of monster Crappie at the Crappie Masters, Grenada Lake Mississippi Championship, the Reeve’s still are gleaming; as they should be. As Crappie anglers, we all dream of catching that giant 3 lb crappie, just one time, but to actually weigh in 7 crappie at an average weight of a little over 2.9 lbs is unbelievable!

NEW Jay Don and Rhonda Reeve setting the new single day record with a weight of 20 54 lbs on Day 1

“Jay Don and Rhonda Reeve set the Single Day 7 Fish Record of 20.54 lb. at Grenada Lake, Mississippi.”

This is exactly what happened to the Reeve’s. On tournament day, Jay Don and Rhonda fished the same 8′ deep flat they had been fishing the past few days, and had been catching big giant female crappie, just waiting for “good ole mother nature” to kick in, and send them to shallow water to spawn. They fished the flat very slow, and as stealth as they could, only using the trolling motor when they had to. With drift socks on the back of their Lund Pro V., Lake Fork Trophy Lure Live Baby Shad in glo, and Hot Cricket tied onto Lake Fork Fluortex 10 lb clear line ran through the eyelets of their new 16′ Pro Angler Rods, Jay Don and Rhonda went to work! They had the perfect combination of great equipment to tackle these Grenada monsters!

NEW Second place was the top male female team of Jay Don and Rhonda Reeve with a total weight of 38 11 lbs

“Jay Don and Rhonda Reeve earn 2nd Place and Top Male/Female Team at the Crappie Masters Grenada Lake Tournament.”

“With as much pressure that these fish get on Grenada, I don’t think we could of caught those fish without our new Pro Angler Rods and our Lake Fork Tackle”, Jay Don said. Jay Don went on say, “These big mature crappie get a lot of pressure down in Grenada, so anything you can do to not alert the fish is key.” Rhonda went on to say, “This is not their 1st rodeo. Most of these fish have been hooked before, and without our equipment, we wouldn’t have caught these fish.” Before daylight, the Reeve’s were running Lake Fork Live Baby Shad in glo tipped with a 2.5” minnow, and as daylight took over the dim sky, Hot Cricket became the color of choice for Jay Don and Rhonda. As stated before, the Reeve’s where fishing a 8′ deep flat barren of any structure to speak of, with the big females suspended about 4′ down. “We didn’t want to do anything that would spook these fish, so we drifted with our drift socks, and I stayed off the trolling motor as much as I could, staying as quiet as we could”, expressed Jay Don. “We still look at each other and say, “That really happened! We all just hit it right!” Yes you did Jay Don, yes you did!

Written by:
CrappieCrazy.com Senior Outdoor Writer Tommy Thornton

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