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Crappie Fishing Information for the Crappie Angler. Crappie Crazy.com is your One-Stop Crappie and Crappie Fishing Source. From Crappie Tips to Crappie Tournaments, Crappie Articles to Crappie Fishing Education, we have it.

We are dedicated to the Crappie Angler and the pursuit of Crappie and Crappie Fishing. Provide, Promote & Preserve… that is our bottom line!
Provide: To Provide Crappie Anglers at all skill levels, young and old, with an all informative website and social media pages as related to Crappie and Crappie Fishing.
Promote: To Promote the sport and leisure activities related to Crappie Fishing, along with those Anglers and Companies that have a positive influence on those Crappie related activities.
Preserve: To Preserve our Outdoor Resources and help to enhance those resources for Crappie Anglers and future generations to come.

Look for a better Crappie experience coming in 2016!

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